But here’s the thing about Beyonce -- no one is really good enough to dance-off against Beyonce...except Beyonce.

So she’s dancing-off against herself.

B teased us to it earlier this week -- click here for a refresher. Most speculated it would be the release of a new song. Is it a new song?

Sort of.

The new song is called Grown Woman. Grown Woman is being featured exclusively in a new ad for Pepsi, as part of B’s $50 million “Live For Now” partnership. The spot called Mirrors was released just this morning at 9am ET on Pepsi’s YouTube channel. As you can see, there are a lot of Beyonces -- Bootylicious Bey, Sasha Bey, and Crazy In Love Bey -- dancing-off against each other framed by mirrors...

So that it’s an endless, repeating reality of Beyonces over and over and over again...

Until we arrive at the Now Beyonce, a Grown Woman. Has narcissism ever been so profitable? Said Beyonce of Mirrors:

“I had so much fun collaborating on this campaign with Pepsi. I got to re-live some of my favourite past characters and looks. It was the first time I saw those costumes in years and it was very emotional. I’m proud of those moments and they all connect in some way and have helped me evolve into who I am today.”

PS. It’s Beyonce & Jay-Z’s fifth wedding anniversary today. Almost as if we’ve been granted permission to celebrate with them.