But first…

I f-cking love it when Beyonce makes “I am Sasha Fierce serious no smiles face” and drops the mic. And I really, really f-cking love it when Beyonce dances in group formation. Especially the Crazy In Love group dance formation. Next year, for my birthday, I am totally making my friends learn it with me. How can they say no? 


And I know I keep repeating it but it needs to be repeated because clearly girls like the slumloving JLo haven’t figured it out yet…

Beyonce didn’t give it up for a back-up dancer. Beyonce knows her value. Beyonce chose to become an Empire.

And the Empire performed together the other night at Jay-Z’s final show to commemorate the opening of the Barclays Centre (of which he is part-owner) in Brooklyn. B opened with her new track Diva, then was joined by her husband on Crazy In Love. Forever Young was in there too at some point. And Jay came in late on his turn because he was too distracted by his wife. Let me ask you again: have you seen Beyonce live? Because … if you’ve seen her live, you know what this is. There is no one else right now who can deliver like that on all those levels.

After the show, Beyonce updated her Tumblr. There they are, walking down the halls of the arena arm in arm and gold bottle in hand. Perhaps to meet their friends backstage?

And who would be waiting there?

Start at the 2:45 of the video below if you don’t feel like watching the entire thing (which would be a mistake because the entire thing is awesome): a happy birthday wish to “Gwyn, I love you”.

Who just turned 40?

And got a shout-out from Beysus on stage at the Barclays?