Beyonce kicked off The Mrs Carter Show World Tour in Belgrade yesterday. It’s always a spectacle where B is concerned and, obviously, a major part of that is the clothing. And all the Spanxing. Can you imagine singing and dancing in triple Spanx? I can’t even lie down in bed in Spanx. But this is how you avoid camel toe. You can see her avoiding it quite well in the white outfit. Which I love. Especially the shoulders, although it’s crazy to me how it’s, like, totally normally now to see a performer on stage not wearing pants. The only reason I consciously realised that she’s not wearing pants is that I tried to picture myself in the same and then it occurred to me that, um, if I put that on, I wouldn’t be wearing pants. 

As expected, there is also some leather involved. And some sort of generic red gown. And then...

A gold bodysuit with massive nipples that are totally implants. I mean the costume. So breasts are fake now even when they’re fake.