Baby Wales best be getting stronger, because Beyonce wants to go head to head in 2013. And she’s been going about her domination business about as meticulously as William and Catherine Cambridge approached their heir-ing. The Beysus has BIG plans for next year.

First, as you know, she’s performing at the Super Bowl.

Then there’s that HBO documentary.

Then there will be an album.

And now Pepsi has confirmed they’re paying her $50 million for the “pioneer” privilege of partnering with her. Note the specific language around the deal -- this is no straight up endorsement where they put her in a commercial and send her a cheque. Rather, Pepsi wanted to collaborate with the mother of the Blue Ivy Carter even if it means that, occasionally, they don’t get the straight pimp out of whatever projects she’s working on, so long as they’re funding her creativity. According to The New York Times, it’s like “marketing patronage”, so the company benefits by being seen as a supporter of arts and culture, as opposed to just a giant soft drink label throwing cash at a celebrity...

Of course Beyonce benefits by getting richer but she’s also, very astutely, found a bankroll for her lifestyle brand that gives her a lot more control than, say, ahem, Jessica Simpson and her deal with Weight Watchers. BK’s from Texas too, but she’s a lot more strategic about her sh-t. And somehow she manages to make timing work in favour too. Now Wendy Williams looks like an idiot.

B’s first Pepsi ad will air during the Super Bowl. Pepsi, naturally, will be all over her tour next year. B celebrated in Miami this weekend with Jay-Z, Kelly Rowland, and her ma at Art Basel. She updated her Tumblr with all kinds of photos of herself at some of the galleries