Beyonce did everything but levitate yesterday at her press conference. But then again, you know she’s saving it for the main show. That was just her opening act. Beyonce opens for herself. With the national anthem, live-live this time, and not just half-live, and now considered this year’s version of the mic drop belly rub.

Last year it was Madonna. Oh what? You’ve totally forgotten haven’t you? Beyonce has made it so that you will never and should never remember any other performer in the history of halftimes at the Super Bowl.

Seriously though, ego-off right now, Madonna vs Beyonce, who wins?

Since she’s so in your face at the moment, and because she’s still only 31 (!!!), Beyonce might have the edge. Here’s a woman who considers every word, gesture, step, and hair toss a moment to preserve for history. It is a conscious way of life, as she explained yesterday, when asked about the upcoming HBO documentary (that she directed and produced):

It was time.

It was necessary.

To show a human side.

And she doesn’t mean “human” like, oh people think I’m a perfectionist machine, so I wanted to demonstrate that I can be soft...

No, no, no...

She means “human” as in mortal. As in Beyonce who’s mostly Immortal. Beyonce the demi-God. Beyonce, deity on earth come to walk among her people, only higher off the ground, and always under the best light. If you haven’t already, take 18 minutes at lunch to watch this presser all the way through, required media for the Faculty Of Celebrity Studies. It’s how she speaks -- with the benevolence and patience of the divine, gracing and humouring her subjects. It’s how she looks upon her people -- not so much at them but OUT AT them, like before her is presented a sea of devout souls, all gathered to hear her gospel. Will she be great on Sunday? If you ask her, there’s no doubt, not only because she worked so hard, but also because in her mind, it’s the f-cking scripture.