As you know, it was Beyonce’s 31st birthday yesterday and she had her birthday cards scanned and posted on her site - click here for a refresher. While we were reading about how much her friends and family love her, B and Jay-Z were celebrating on a yacht in the South of France with the Blue Ivy Carter. Now this is what I can’t wait to see on her Tumblr: her personal photos from the trip, details about the boat, the size of the bedroom, whether or not they brought along the Blue Ivy’s fancy crib, if they use linen table cloths, the closet that the makeup artist and the other staff are forced to sleep in, whether or not they helicopter-deliver the fresh seafood for their meals...

THIS > boring birthday note cards...come on!

Also, please, how much do you love her nautical themed outfit with the J above her heart? This is why her Tumblr is so addictive. As a friend of mine said - they spend their money they way we daydream about spending their money.

If I were in the circle, like Gwyneth Paltrow, I would buy the Blue Ivy her first wind machine for her first birthday. She looks like she would enjoy one, already.