Beyonce stepped out yesterday after MTV nominated her for 5 VMAs, including Video of the Year. And they’re saying she’s a co-frontrunner in the category with Taylor Swift, of course. And, well, that just reminds us all of 2009, doesn’t it?

I’ve asked you this already but it’s worth asking again – now that 6 years have passed, and you look back on that incident…do you still feel the same outrage? Kanye West was objecting to Taylor’s video winning over Beyonce’s Single Ladies. If I asked you to put up one hand and do the Single Ladies, could you? YES. You could. If I asked you to tell me what Taylor’s video was… could you?

This time, Beyonce’s coming in with 7/11. It’s the one that’s supposed to look like it was shot on her iPhone. Like she edited the sh-t out of her home videos. So…in theory… low tech vs high tech? Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood is as highly produced as any video has ever been. OMG what’s going to happen?

PS Kanye doesn’t have a nomination on one of his own songs. He’s featured on Big Sean’s One Man Can Change The World; it’s possible he doesn’t show. Don’t you kinda hope Kanye will show?

PPS. The stupid Daily Mail was trying to create Beyonce pregnancy rumours last week because she was walking around in some shots with her bag in front of her. I feel like we’re clear on that issue now?