The Associated Press reported yesterday that Beyonce will perform at the Super Bowl in New Orleans. Shortly after, B posted this picture on her Tumblr confirming the news. I’m sure, I’m sure it was a photo shoot that happened well in advance. But, you know, if Beyonce wanted to pull together a high quality shoot in an hour, that’s not impossible either.

Super Bowl with Beyonce...


I am.

I know I keep saying it but if you’d get it if you’ve ever seen her on stage. The Beyonce holds nothing back. Kanye West is a dick, true. But he’s not lying when he calls her the greatest entertainer we have right now.

F-CK YOU, says the Madonna fan.

Madonna can make it look great, all the lights and the staging and the spectacle and the costumes, yes. But the moves, the moves these days, the moves are...

Um, maybe an illustration would work better here:

I promise you Beyonce won’t be offering up a leg to Redfoo for a jerky bicep curl.