Dear Gossips,

It was confirmed yesterday that Beyonce will join Coldplay during the Super Bowl halftime show. Which just made the Super Bowl halftime show SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING. And also just made Coldplay Beyonce’s backup band.

When Coldplay was first announced a month ago, I posted my suggested set list for the performance – click here for a refresher. To recap:

-Open with 30 seconds, no more, of Adventure Of A Lifetime
-The band stands down. Beyonce enters. This should take up at least a minute with wind machine effect, etc.
-Clocks: Beyonce on lead vocals
-Politik: Beyonce on lead vocals
-Hymn For The Weekend: Beyonce on lead vocals
-Viva La Vida: Beyonce on lead vocals and if Bruno Mars wants to pop in here, that’s fine too
-Coldplay exits the stage or hides in the dark. Whatever. Leave spotlight on Beyonce only
-XO, by Beyonce
-Coldplay is allowed to be lit again, but in the background
-Yellow is the closing song: Beyonce on lead vocals

Why? Because Beyonce makes everything better. She even makes Channing Tatum better. Have you watched that video yet? Channing vs Jenna on Lip Sync Battle? You see how everyone loses their f-cking sh-t when she comes out? Even celebrities?

And she still isn’t speaking! She’s just giving you her face. See below.

Quick turn: Golden Globes on Sunday, you ready to hear Leonardo DiCaprio try out his acceptance speeches? “Like a supermodel’s vagina, please give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.”

I’ll be tweeting during the show @laineygossip and then Duana and I are staying up all night. Our first posts should be going up around 1am ET Sunday night/Monday morning. If you’re not sleeping either, come read our posts in real time. If you’re joining us when you get to work the next day, make sure you check every page for all the updates!

Happy Awards Season!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,