How much time did you lose on Beyonce’s Tumblr? Don’t lie. I know for some of you it was hours. I have a friend who sent me at least 8 emails about it all in succession. She studied every photo, every luxurious detail. Please. For me, when it first launched, I could not stop.  

But I was stupid. I didn’t think Beysus would actually update her scripture so frequently. And she has. She did this week. On Sunday Beyonce and Jay-Z were at the Knicks game. She was seen on her iPhone a lot. Turns out at some point she took this photo of their feet crossing and posted it. Strangely enough she also posted pap photos - they’re clearly marked with credit - of the two of them in their seats and walking around which... I don’t understand the motivation behind this at all beyond wanting to show off her clothes because all the other candid shots on her Tumblr are much more intimate, much more personal, and certainly not purchased from photo agencies. Click here to see.

It’s weird, right? Those two photos stand out, like, super awkwardly. I’m not saying it’s a horrible mistake, I’m just saying they are the weakest images in a series of otherwise brilliantly chosen photos to enhance the brand.

What do you think of her letter to Basquiat?

Also new - B surprises a fan, the winner of her End Of Time remix contest. He’s from Poland. When Mimi talks to her “lambs”, she doesn’t pretend to be all gracious and humble. Mimi is Mimi. Her “lambily” knows the Mimi. She spends the whole time talking about Mimi. Beyonce knows that it’s important to be appreciative and polite...but you also get the sense that she can’t wait to get off the phone. Come on. She has a yacht to be on somewhere, don’t you know?

I’m telling you, B’s Tumblr should be a daily destination. Go there and tell me what else I’ve missed!

(Thanks Simon!)

Also attached - B out in New York yesterday without the Blue Ivy Carter.