Page Six has been going hard on Beyonce and Jay Z the last couple of weeks. A few days ago, it was this report on how the two are reassessing their marriage. Key details:

-They care more about the business behind their brand than the emotion (Yes. EXACTLY)
-Jay is controlling and helped make her what she is
-She didn’t like him as much as he liked her in the beginning
-They shut people out, even family, and change cell phones all the time
-It’s more like an arrangement rather than a real relationship
-They’ve both allegedly stepped out on each other

OK but if that’s the case, why would they need to change anything? She gets it on the side. He gets it on the side. They make stupid money together. And if the Carter Corporation comes first, why would they dissolve the company?

I mean, I’m not saying I don’t think they’re going to break up. They could. They might. But so far, breaking up on these grounds doesn’t seem like it fits. Give me something else. Did she fall in love with one of her extracurriculars? Did he? Is it because she’s Apple and he’s Samsung? What’s the dealbreaker when the deal is the game? 

Is part of the deal just to be talked about? Because she enjoys manipulating the conversation. And of course Beyonce knows what they’ve been saying, what they’ve been speculating. She continues to address it through photos on Instagram. Here’s the last shot she posted yesterday with the caption: My favourite hue is JayZ Blue.

In other Beyonce news, The New York Times just posted a piece about her yesterday related to style. Seven of Beyonce’s most memorable outfits will be displayed at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame even though she herself is not yet eligible for induction until the 25 year anniversary of Destiny’s Child’s first album. The writer posits that although that Beyonce isn’t actually known for fashion. House Of Dereon is total sh-t. And unlike other entertainers, like Rihanna, she doesn’t kick off style trends. “She doesn’t cause items to sell out overnight.”

But instead of labelling that a brand weakness, the NYT argues that this is by design. That Beyonce doesn’t favour just one designer. That she doesn’t want people to be able to go out and buy the sh-t that she’s wearing. That she sees herself ABOVE the clothing. Rather, it’s about her hair, it’s her makeup, it’s her body. All that she can control, that she doesn’t have to credit to anyone else, that she doesn’t have to share. Not with Tisci or Ford or Lagerfeld or Elbaz.

Because it’s all Beyonce. Only Beyonce. Just one word. Like “icon”.

Click here to read the full article.

By the way, Beyonce covered T, The New York Times style magazine last month.