Beyonce posted these photos on her Instagram last night. It’s Beyonce Pixie. It’s Sasha Fierce goes Halle Berry. You like it?

I love short hair. If I could make mine work like Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, or Charlize Theron, I totally would. But on Beysus…

Amazingly, because it’s the Beysus, who is omnipotent…

I’m not feeling it.

I’m not sure her features are set up for it.

So will it stay? She just wrapped 3 shows in Brooklyn the other night giving her almost 2 weeks off before heading over to the UK for two performances on August 17 and 18. It’ll stay, presumably, until then, but I can’t imagine her not putting the wig and weave back on when she returns to the stage. If you’ve seen Mrs Carter, you’d know why.

The wind machines play a big part. Like, I know her hair got stuck in one recently but it’s actually integral to the choreography. Half her dance moves involve whipping her hair around. Can you even do Baby Boy without the hair?