This is Beysus in Elie Saab at the premiere last night for her HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream, about Beyonce, interviewed by Beyonce, directed by Beyonce. I reviewed the film yesterday. Click here if you missed it. In short, Beyonce’s direction totally sucks and this is why you have to watch. If for no other reason than to see the silhouette of her naked pregnant body. She has a back arch that defies bones.

Life Is But A Dream airs on HBO (Canada and US) on Saturday at 9pm. Oprah’s interview with Beyonce on Oprah’s Next Chapter airs on OWN the same night at 8pm. It’s an all Beysus weekend. According to O,  Beyonce totally “opened herself up”. Apparently she was as “open” with Oprah as she was in her documentary. If by “open” she means “narcissism disguised as controlled candour” then sure, “open” it is.

At the very least though, it’s not Beyonce answering questions about Beyonce asked by Beyonce, which is what happens in Life Is But A Dream. You could argue that that’s the true spirit of an autobiography. But then, if that’s the case, why bother having an interviewer there?

Answer: to establish eyeline.

Obviously a point on the wall is not good enough for Beyonce. She needs an actual human being to talk at.

Can we just go back to the Elie Saab for a minute? As you know, I have been hating on Elie Saab more and more lately. This dress is a good example of why.

So... Beyonce posed with Oprah and all kinds of other celebrities, and there were a couple of shots of her with Jay-Z, but I can’t find any pictures of her with her ma, Tina Knowles, or her sister, Solange, on Getty Images -- they had the most access at the event last night.