In advance of the American Music Awards – and the RIDICULOUS fact that Iggy Azalea was nominated for more awards than she was, WTF? – Beyonce dropped her video for 7/11 on Friday. Which is what everyone was talking about for most of the weekend. And she stepped out with Jay wearing a “B” in the front, “BOW DOWN” in the back varsity jacket just in case you don’t get the point…

As for the video?

Oh come on.

The video is a week’s worth of class discussion at the Faculty of Celebrity Studies. This, supposedly, was shot in her apartment. It’s messy – her bathroom (huge but not all that special) is messy, her bedroom (surprisingly NOT all that ornate) is messy…and while all that seems “real” and realistic, I’m not convinced it’s not a hotel. The Christmas tree living room? Fine. I’ll buy that that’s her home. But a lot of the other scenes feel like it all happened on tour. Just me? Otherwise, why would that kitchen be so small?

Whether it’s her home or not though, there are some assumptions we can make here – the first being her relationship with her dancers, and what we’re being led to believe is that she does indeed hang out with them. Either that or she makes them work a LOT in their down time.

The Christmas tree however is a good segue to a point I’ve been wanting to make about Beyonce for a while now. The presents are open, likely a lot of toys for Blue…so…last year? I’d guess a good part of this footage has been gestating for a while, taken home video styles, cut together now for the release of her upcoming platinum album…which means Beyonce can hoard, and Beyonce can hoard and WAIT.

Have you noticed that about her?

So many celebrities can’t wait to blow their loads right away. They do something, anything, and it’s on social media five minutes later. Beyonce can sit on her sh-t for a long time. Look how long she sat on her wedding footage. We had to wait YEARS before she gave us anything about that wedding. Beyonce knows how to hold. She holds and she plots and she decides when to drop – either on tour, or a tour DVD, or a music video…

She has an entire vault of BEYONCE she keeps holding for strategic release. Taylor Swift is learning how to do this too. And it’s no accident that both of them are dominating right now.