Two new Beyonce tracks leaked yesterday ahead of her new album release. The first song, 7/11, is Beysus rapping. The second, called Ring Off, is Beyonce gossip.

So it’s about a woman taking her “ring off” because “it’s your time to put your love on top”. Oh, Love On Top. I do love Love On Top.

Of course now everyone is wondering is the song is about those divorce rumours. Again. Even though the first word she sings is “Mama”. So, as MTV points out, it’s more likely a song for Tina Knowles. Tina’s voice is actually heard near the end. And we all know her dad went off and had all those kids with other women. Still…given the timing…

Sure. It’s good for a conversation, the conversation we’ve been waiting for since May when we saw that elevator video. But you know B. Whatever it is, it’s not on your time or expectation, it always has to be on hers. And she’d tell you this is a song about empowerment, the strength that comes from taking that ring off…but hey, you’re talking about it, that works too.

You believe her?

She went out for a big drink last night. Those red lips are so pretty.