My go-to on a sh-tty day is usually Mimi. Sasha loves Mimi too. But she adores Beyonce without irony. Sometimes watching Beyonce actually makes her cry. I think she cried when Beyonce dropped her microphone and rubbed her belly at the VMAs.

Anyway, Sasha’s had a rough day because she got punked at work in a new segment we’re doing on etalk when we switch roles on our producers. One of those situations where everyone else thinks it’s entertaining except for the person providing the entertainment. I suspect then that Sasha’s been consoling herself with some Beyonce.

Have you seen the new video for I Was Here?

Just in case you didn’t know, Beyonce’s life is, like, way better than yours. And she’s done more at 30 than you ever will over 10 lifetimes. But... errrm... she’s still totally humble, you know. Like when she gets all emotional on camera looking at the portrait of Ghandi - deep.


HER WEDDING DRESS! (At the 3:15 mark)
How flattering is that waistline, OMG?

All of it however, all of her accomplishments are nothing in comparison to what it will be like when she’s a mother. Which is why The Heir gets its own tribute at the very end. Only Beyonce would include a clip of her microphone-dropping belly-rubbing AND her husband’s elation in her own music video.


I loved EVERY minute and a few (un-ironic) tears came to my eyes too, just like Sasha. Sasha by the way was really into this yesterday. Come on. Even if you still think she’s faking her bump, you cannot deny how cute that is. So f-cking cute. I want to look that cute dancing, pregnant or not.

Attached - B in Miami yesterday looking for a new house.