I’ve said it many, many times: I’m all about a pom-pom hat. But a DOUBLE pom-pom hat? My world is changed forever. Naturally, Beyonce’s the one wearing it (Eugenia Kim). And I just ordered it. Too bad it doesn’t come in white.

B and Jay Z were at the Nets game last night where they met up with Russell Wilson, the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, West Coast represent! (Although it picks my ass that Eli Manning has more rings than his brother.) Now might be a good time to answer some of the emails and tweets yesterday asking why I didn’t write about Bruno Mars’s halftime performance.

I think he was good. But I don’t think he took the electricity. Are we fighting?

To me, Mars’s show was like… one of those concerts they do at Christmas for a radio station. Like the Jingle Ball. Good. But spectacular? I wasn’t breathless. Mars is a great musician. And I like his music. But he doesn’t get me jacked up on star power. And I also didn’t care for Anthony Kiedis stomping around with his shirt off – and no waist. I’d much rather look at Janet Jackson. And not have her career killed over it too. Sorry. Are you mad at me? Am I worthless piece of sh-t dickhead? Probably.