Rome fell, The Beatles broke up, even Melrose Place was cancelled eventually, because all great things must crumble, but will Beyoncé’s ruin be brought about by a ninth tier, never-really-was, Bravo reality star/VIP cocktail hostess? Right now, a woman named Casey Cohen, who you are VERY familiar with if you watched Princesses: Long Island and completely confused by if you didn’t, is working to deny a story from IN TOUCH that she’s been Jay Z’s side chick since meeting him at 1Oak, a club where she serves drinks. And while, sure, she has apparently hired attorneys to squash the story, doesn’t it feel like the damage has already been done?   

To make my point, I ask you to think back to the moment that it first occurred to you that Beyoncé was a higher form of human. Was it Crazy in Love? Was it the Get Me Bodied Extended Mix video? Was it Bug-a-boo?!? No matter what inspired this feeling, one we have all had at one time or another, the inverse moment is possible and inevitable, the moment that we realize Beyonce is, yes, The Queen, but also just some person, who’s probably gross and horrible like the rest of us.

This was what was so exciting about the Solange drama, right? A crack in the armor. That incident was still pretty glamorous though, given the setting, the Fashion, the security team. But this? Beyonce associated with a girl from a not-very-well-rated show, on a not-very-well-rated network, that didn’t even get picked up for a second season? A girl who works at a club that made headlines for banning Lindsay Lohan? How pedestrian. Not that you or I are so great, and I am certainly a more horrible person than Casey Cohen, but Beyonce? Isn’t she supposed to be the most special? Connected to designers we don’t even know how to purchase and vacationing in places we can’t pronounce or find on a map. Know what you can find? 1Oak! It’s just some club and we can literally all go there tonight if we really want to. 
Of course I’m not suggesting that this is the end of Beyoncé, her career, or anything like that, but I am saying that things like this did not used to happen to her. Anyone who reads this site is well aware that the world of celebrity is essentially Game of Thrones, a non-stop power play and it now seems not impossible – whereas before it was totally improbable – that Beyoncé’s empire might have its Red Wedding.

I’d also like to add that this post was in NO way meant to be shady against Princesses: Long Island. Being on that show is completely embarrassing but it was still amazing and you have to give Jay props, at least, for not chasing after Casey’s co-star, the horrible hater from the south shore, Joey. Please, Andy Cohen, bring this show back!