Blue Ivy Carter’s mother stepped out last night for the for the first time since she was born, triple spanxed and ready to be photographed just 6 days before the Grammy Awards. Jay-Z performed at Carnegie Hall in to benefit The United Way and the Shawn Carter Foundation. As you can see, Beyonce made an appearance in red in support of her husband.

I’ll wait here while you closely scrutinise her body.

As for the Grammys, Jay has several nominations for Watch The Throne, B has one for her music video, her best friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin will be there...

So it gives B licence to stop the sh-t out of everyone else, right? Including Adele, who is expected to CLEAN UP. Maybe the B.I.C. will be gurgling in the front row aisle, nestled in her solid gold crib.

See below for a minute of Glory, live for the first time last night:

Put a hand in the air for Blue.

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