Beyonce, JayZ, and the Blue Ivy Carter were at the Gare du Nord Station in Paris today. As you can see, B is wearing a heinous new hairstyle/wig. And, worse, it’s totally off brand. This, after all, is the person who gets the Louvre shut down so that she and her family can enjoy a private tour. So why is the fringe sitting an inch off her face? Because it’s too f-cking short and appears to be arts and crafted by her daughter. I guess that’s love, man, letting your kid f-ck with your hair. And if that’s not the explanation, WHAT IS THE EXPLANATION? Beyonce, who demands high quality everything, is looking real low quality in these shots and I can’t believe that a person who camera tests every moment of her entire life would have allowed this to happen….WHAT THE F-CK?!?!?!?!?

In other Beyonce news, the American Music Awards nominations were announced yesterday. Iggy Azalea received the most, more than B.  And that was before this tragic new hair. So I don’t understand but maybe that’s because, and I know you’ll be yelling at me about this, I’m not an Iggy Azalea believer, never have been. I hate that song Fancy. Fight!

By the way, Beyonce’s look at the Louvre without the blunt fringe is our Garmentory contest this week. Click here for your chance to win free clothes!