The numbers were just released late morning -- over 800,000 albums sold in just 3 days. Beyonce set some records. Don't ask me what records. Some kind of record.

3 days!

With no promotion!

Did you?

I did, obviously. And happily. You know why?


It's not just the songs, it's also the videos. For me, it's probably more about the videos. That was $15.99 well spent. They're magazines. They're spectacles. Yes, it's musical masturbation. Self-masturbation. Beyonce jerking off to Beyonce. What's the problem?

Jacek and I watched this video on Saturday and pretty much had sex right after.

17 videos! All that production, all the people who had to have been involved, and she locked it allll down. Yeah ok, she went to Coney Island in August and the paps were there but don't tell me anyone made that connection from then to this.

Anyway, I just wanted an excuse to post the video. When she's dancing on the beach, it's too much for me, it's too much.