Beyonce has just posted a short film to her website in celebration of the one year anniversary of her album BEYONCE. It’s all black and white and it’s mostly scenes from her videos, with a few new extended shots cut in, set to some of her own beats but mostly running underneath her own narration. In other words, she’s blowing herself again. Really though, that’s what she does best.

Needless to say, she’s impeccably lit throughout. Even when she’s not supposed to be wearing makeup, or any hair extensions (she’s up close in that pixie cut), she’s a vision, never less than totally perfect. So perfect that I might need to jack that eye makeup even if it means sitting in a makeup chair for more than 10 minutes.

You’ll note, both Solange and Jay are featured. And specifically with Jay, as he’s caressing her thighs and her breasts, the point she’s making here, after discussing conflict, and why she’s learning to embrace it, is that the Carter Corporation is good…f-ckers (as George Clooney might say).

But oh my God, the talking.

She opens with the desire to be “anonymous” and that’s when you know you should probably hit mute and just look at the pretty pictures. Because Beyonce’s profundities are so basic and surface they may as well be captions on Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, she just put up a few new pictures on hers this morning from the Annie premiere. Here she is, all coordinated with Jay.