Dear Gossips,

Why lie?

That’s what the female detective wanted to know at the end of Big Little Lies last night. Only a woman would be able to really understand the answer to that question. And the answer only leads to another question. Not about lies but about the truth: does it ever really protect women? Think about how Celeste’s therapist lawyered her in the last episode. How she questioned her the way she would be questioned in divorce-custody court. Which was what finally convinced Celeste to secretly get her own apartment. Secretly. Deceptively. And… necessary.

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you are probably familiar with what Duana taught me a long time ago about storytelling: give them what they need, not what they want. That’s what you get from your best shows. And, also, what you get from your best friends. These women may not have behaved the way you wanted them to. But they sure as f-ck turned out when you needed them to. So the song selection at the end? It had to be that song.

There is so much more to say about Big Little Lies. And we will get to all of it on the next episode of our podcast Show Your Work. We’ve been recording Show Your Work on Friday nights. But the series only ended last night and we weren’t able to view it in advance. Also, I’ve been out of town in Orlando on assignment with etalk since Sunday morning. So we are taping the podcast tonight, as soon as I land, and Show Your Work will be posted tomorrow. The Sasha Answers podcast will go up on Wednesday.

My schedule today is tricky. I start shooting at 8am ET and we go straight until 2pm, at which point I have to head to the airport to catch my flight, which doesn’t land until 5:45pm. Most of today’s content has been written in advance with contributions from Joanna, Kathleen, and Sarah. I’ll try to get to any breaking news on my phone when there are gaps in my day. Otherwise, we’ll cover all the new gossip tomorrow. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience.

Yours in gossip,