The GMD bought a house for Katie last year. It’s now finally ready, renovated, and ripe for a party. So this weekend they had one. And invited all their famous friends and frauds. Among them the usual spattering of Scientologists like Kirstie Ally and forever B listers like Eva Longoria and the Posh was there too, but also Kyra Sedgwick which is random and who I love and La Lopez somehow found a babysitter but only for one night OF COURSE because she says she doesn’t have a nanny.

Other notables?

None other than the Mighty Opes who likes to keep it low key when she spends time in California but couldn’t turn down the invitation since she and Tom Cruise are besties again. And even more intriguing:

Rita Wilson showed up too. Rita as you know is married to Tom Hanks, the most well liked man in Hollywood, who is also super tight with Steven Spielberg. Rita’s presence at the party is a significant development: it means the heavyweights are still willing to associate with him. And they will do what they can to assist in his comeback.

Interestingly enough… but not that surprising… you will note John Travolta does not appear to have been there. In fact, the two, despite being the most identifiable figures in the worship of Xenu, seldom seem to associate. Am dying to know the smutty reason for it.

Is it bad blood between two old lovers? Or does the GMD not respect John’s weakness? The GMD of course has achieved top Thetan level self restraint, successfully suppressing all his sequined desires. Someone like the GMD, who has managed to squeeze his gay into the most remote, the most hidden, the most inaccessible parts of his soul naturally would look down on John Travolta and his homo relapses every few months or so on the massage table. As such, their meetings are likely reserved only for Xenu high holidays a couple times a year. Or at least until John can get a handle on his homo.

Photos attached of guest arrivals at the party and also of the Cruise compound Katie’s prison itself.

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