One sexy beast to another – Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt this weekend in New Orleans joining forces and foundations to help those devastated by Katrina. Together they broke ground on the building site where new homes will be constructed over 10 blocks, providing housing for victims of the hurricane.

A few hilarious photos attached – check out Brad practicing his Clinton “lip bite”… do you love it? And a cheesy smile thrown in for good measure too. Very cute. Also love the shot of him helping the lady across the muck. And of course… Brad in Pants. Brad in Pants is always worth a quiver.

For those of you who STILL don’t get the pants… even Posh gets the pants. Pants are paramount to hotness.

As for the rest of the Pitt lot – Brad did not make the trip to New Orleans alone. The entire family came along and the free world is going bananas today because the Chosen One has finally been sighted! Right alongside her siblings and the Second Coming! Oh Happy Day!

Shiloh’s wearing skull and crossbone shoes. Adorable. Is that MiniVan Majority approved? Or does that mean Angie secretly hates her blonde bob? Totally the new Life & Style bullsh*t headline.


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