Bill Murray’s random amazingness was a regular part of this blog in 2010. Click here for his feature in the Best of the Year article. When he walked into an elevator. And kissed some dude. And then walked back out, ominously declaring “no one will ever believe you”. Please, check this if you missed that story. Because, obviously.


It’s better than winning the lottery.

I’ve received two separate Bill Murray emails already this week. Well if that’s not a sign…

First, from Janine, who sent along this link. So you’re at karaoke and Bill Murray knocks on your door with his lady friend and ends up staying for FOUR HOURS.

It might not top the elevator kissing, but still, that has to rank as a lifetime moment.

Or you might be walking your bike to the car and, um, run into Bill Murray… wearing a Hot Dog Suit. Photo attached. (thanks Laura W!)

That would be a good day too right?