Joaquin Phoenix, Lindsay Lohan, now Billy Bob Thornton.

BBT was on CBC Radio this morning with Jian Ghomeshi to PROMOTE HIS OWN BAND and, well, listen for yourself. He’s a mess.

First basic, basic question:

When did you and your band start playing together?

He has no idea what that means. Literally, he has NO IDEA what that question means. Then he gets more and more confrontational. Jian presses him on a variety of music-related questions, he is unwilling and incapable of answering, then when faced with a question about why he’s being such a f-cking asshole, he replies that it’s because he objected that the word “actor” was used in the introduction.

He is bitter, bored, sarcastic, pompous, conceited, and f-cking rude. And while Karl Lagerfeld can get away with this because it’s amazing, in BBT’s case, it’s far from amazing. It’s obnoxious. And embarrassing. And very unattractive. Above all things unattractive.

Because he thinks he’s the coolest dude in the room. He’s not the coolest dude in the room. Just an aging dude who thinks he can throw it around like he’s still married to Angelina Jolie. Please.

Click here to listen.

PS. He compares himself to Tom Petty. TOM PETTY!!!!!!

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