So Kimmel is allowed to call him an “actor” but Jian Ghomeshi, a Canadian, no way. That’s the standard.

Here’s the thing – Jian introduced him for context as an actor. Period.

But Billy Bob Thornton justified his douchebaggery on CBC radio last night by explaining that he was promised that he would not be asked about his “acting”. That CBC radio broke the rules which is why he was so terribly rude.


He wasn’t f-cking asked about his acting.

Now I normally love Kimmel. But it was gross to me that Kimmel decided to jump up BBT’s ass. Disgusting. And who are the people in the audience clapping for that piece of sh-t?

I hate people.

As for you and me, for those who discussed his shenanigans and watched the clip on YouTube, Billy Bob has a name for us.

We are Humpbacked Geeks.

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