Look who can’t handle aging. Billy Bob Thornton coloured his hair. And it’s all flopsy around his forehead too. Like that’ll hide his douche. Please. Nothing can hide his douche. Remember when BBT got all pissy faced on CBC Radio Q with Jian Ghomeshi because the entire world knows him 1. As Angelina Jolie’s ex husband and 2. As an actor... but he refused to accept it?


Am attaching one shot of the old hair BBT and the rest of the new honey brown locks.

This is BBT in Vegas for ShoWest last night. Not really sure why, don’t give a sh-t, but he posed with Dwayne The Rock Johnson and fronted like he’s still riding a young Jolie in the back of a limo. Please. Like reliving those days can actually come from a bottle. BBT’s the kind of bitch who’s looking at Jesse James’s Bombshell piece right now and feeling a little envious.

Photos from Wenn.com