Dear Gossips,

I was once in a meeting with an executive who made Asian jokes to my face, expecting me to laugh. And, instead of standing up for myself and doing what was honourable, I sat there and took it. Because I didn’t want to risk losing my job. Afterwards – and still now – I felt ashamed. It’s not like I had the “I was young, I didn’t know what to do” excuse. I was well into my 30s at the time, I knew what to do. I just didn’t do it. I felt powerless to do it. This is how inequality can humiliate you from different angles. You already know you didn’t do right by yourself. On top of feeling like sh-t about that is the reality that, even if you did do the right thing, in the end, you would have f-cked yourself anyway. You’re put it a position where there’s actually no way to win.

So I might be able to sympathise with a story about a reporter who might not be able to speak up in a gross situation for fear of retribution especially when it involves a billionaire celebrity, especially a reporter without connections, without access, without a pedigree. That, however, is not Billy Bush. You remember after Rio when Ryan Lochte acted the fool and some people actually felt bad for him? I said at the time that Ryan Lochte would be OK, that nobody needed to worry about Ryan Lochte. And look – nobody needed to worry about Ryan Lochte. He’s on Dancing With The Stars and now he’s engaged and he’s totally OK. Billy Bush is Ryan Lochte plus plus. As Bobby Finger wrote yesterday at Jezebel, people like Billy Bush “always end up just fine”. From there Bobby follows with a brief (and hilarious) history of Billy Bush to illustrate why he’ll end up just fine. I particularly enjoyed this description from Billy’s 2005 profile in Esquire:

“He’s a compact guy, prone to getting red-cheeked, and generally past due a shave, so he looks both cherubic and a little grizzled all at once. Annoyingly handsome, like the asshole boyfriend in an eighties teen flick.”

So, basically, Billy Bush is Steff from Pretty In Pink?

Yours in gossip,