Another child to pimp

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 3, 2009 13:09:00 August 3, 2009 13:09:00

Ever heard of DJ AC?


The A is for Ali. As in 40 year old Ali Lohan. The C is for Cody, her younger brother, who is now her DJ partner. They’re to “perform” on the 1s and 2s on August 15th at MegaJam in Long Island. Or something.

Dina Lohan is so proud. It’s the reason she had so many kids. So she could pimp them all. Now that the tv show has failed, and Ali’s recording aspirations have tanked, DJ’ing is the next attempt.

Ali and Cody have also been announced as celebrity judges for the Blackberry Brickbreaker Contest.

Blackberry…are you poor?

You canNOT be poor.

I am a Blackberry > iPhone girl.

I love my BB.

I love playing Brickbreaker on my BB. I was once delayed 4 hours to Hong Kong and it felt like 20 minutes because I spent the entire time on my BB playing Brickbreaker.

But now…

Now Blackberry is acting like they’re on a budget, working with some white trash, skank ass parent pimps whoring out children to promote its applications. This is embarrassing.

It’s embarrassing because, as we all know (especially in Canada), Blackberry is far from budget.

Blackberry is produced by Research In Motion.

The CEO of RIM is Jim Balsillie. He keeps trying to spend like half a billion dollars buying a hockey team (when renovations and upgrades are factored), any hockey team, but is repeatedly rejected by an old school guard that doesn’t want his new school money.

Some of this money is now being spent on a 35 year old hag presumably being paid, along with her younger brother, to judge the Blackberry Brickbreaker contest.

Blackberry couldn’t afford anyone else?


Oh wait.

Brooke Hogan was also invited.

Sigh. Should I get rid of my Blackberry and switch to iPhone?

It’s the new poll.


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