Interview Magazine, Blake Lively by Ben Affleck – have you read it yet?

Ben directs Blake in the upcoming The Town which, yes, does look quite strong and will make the festival rounds before opening on September 10th. Ben is expected to be at TIFF and the Venice Film Festival – both Affleck brothers will feature at both festivals – and with a few members of his cast too, most probably Lively as New York, where she’s working on Gossip Girl, is just a short hour flight from Toronto.

So anyway, about this article... it’s hot, right? Like verbal foreplay, right? Phone flirting, right? Teasing and tugging and rather familiar, right? The chemistry, their vibe, “familiar”, you see, can be just as smutty as “intimate”, sometimes even more so. There is certainly an older brother, mentor situation happening, and there could also be more. Always more. After all, we are gossips, and this is Hollywood.

Whatever your interpretation, and you know mine, it’s undeniable that Ben does some hard ass gushing about his young blonde star. Having said that, I do really like the part when she talks about Matt Damon. Cute.

Photos are attached of Ben and Blake on the set of The Town last year after filming a love scene. Click here to read the entire interview.

As for the movie, I was thinking of this today, about Rebecca Hall’s role – the trailer is below – and, well, I wonder if Jennifer Garner would have wanted that part. Obviously Rebecca Hall is a far superior actor than Jennifer Garner, but if you’re Garner’s agent, you’d have to think your client could play it, especially with the husband writing and directing, and you’d have to believe she’d want it – who wouldn’t want it? Look at the cast, look at the studio...

So what does that conversation sound like?

Honey, I just think she’s better for it than you are...

Honey, I really need this movie to be great, more than you need this for your career, and I have to go with someone else...

Honey, we just shouldn’t work together, we have to draw that line.

There are few things that suck about being a celebrity, but situations like these, so delicate and sensitive, with fragile egos already in the mix, and ambition, pressure, and so much money in a highly charged competitive environment, these are the rare moments when I feel for them, hypothetically of course. Because, what? Garner was never ever interested in being in the movie, that’s a ludicrous suggestion.

Photos from Shane Conway/