So there’s a rumour going around that Blake Lively is being considered for Bond 24. I think STAR Magazine is behind. And I can understand why this would be an easy make-up-a-story for them. Blake certainly has the assets to be a Bond girl. And it would certainly get her some attention. But the right kind of attention?

Blake recently worked on a film called Age Of Adeline. She plays a woman who stops aging at 29. Adeline travels the world. Adeline experiences everything. Adeline has time. But does time make her lonely? I think that’s the premise. So she’s trying to show us that she can be a serious, dramatic actress.

Following that up with a Bond role, I mean, it could go either way. But…let’s take it back to Girl Sh-t for a minute. Because it always comes back to Girl Sh-t. Her predecessor could have been a Bond Girl. And she wasn’t. She’s a f-cking bombshell, no doubt, but she gets to be an Avenger at the same time. And work with elite directors. And venture into independent film. Right?

But the money will be good.

Here’s Blake out at home in Bedford shopping for groceries.