We get it. Your body is sick. You have legs for miles. We get it. Every f-cking week on Gossip Girl we get it. Your tits. Your ass. Your mumble mouth when you talk. So would a little subtlety hurt, just once? Why not try a different gear at the Met Gala?

Of course not.

Harvey is a powerful producer. And Harvey’s wife designs for Marchesa. And Blake Lively showed up in blue loud Marchesa and orange skin and a hint of some vag flash, apparently intent on demonstrating to us that it’s possible to spray tan your hoo hoo. Evenly. Really? No folds? Blake Lively can.

What makes it the worst? She’s just so gorgeous. She doesn’t need much. And yet she keeps layering herself in so much. And at a certain point it becomes tacky. At a certain point it becomes...

Jessica Simpson.

Oh yeah I did. Admit it. There is some Porny in Blake. There is a lot of Porny in Blake. More alike than not alike. Always a size too small and bursting out of somewhere. How could that possible be considered a winner?

That’s a wrap on the Met Gala 2010. Am thoroughly enjoying your emails. Keep sending!

Photos from Wenn.com and Larry Busacca/Gettyimages.com