Girl sh-t is the best sh-t. Does it get better in Paris?

Michelle, Duana, and I have had stupid schedules the last several months which have f-cked our Gossip Girl chats. But we were all going meh on the show anyway. Michelle however sent this over yesterday wondering if it would make us care again.

It’s a little item from Paris Fashion Week, where both Blake Lively and Leighton Meester have been making the rounds, both attending the Chanel show the other day where photographers supposedly “received specific instructions from Chanel not to photograph Blake and Leighton together”. I have spent a few minutes looking and indeed, there do not seem to be any pictures of the two together OFF set. There hardly ever are.

Blake apparently arrived at the event flanked by two giant security and parked herself next to Anna Wintour, refusing to address the press. Leighton was approachable and spoke to every magazine editor and fashion journalist and obliged the cameras. (Source Daily Front Row) So both are hustling, but just in different ways.

Two Vogue covers can go to your head. And Blake’s been shooting for Vogue AGAIN in Paris, leading to speculation that she may get yet another cover later this year, but then again, her first cover was almost accidental after bumping out Kristen Stewart who wouldn’t play Anna’s game. Anna could argue then that a late year issue was always the original intention for Blake and that she had to step in with an editorial hard left when it wasn’t working out with Stewart. Or it could be as they claim –that there was NO drama at all. Sure.

There are only 4 covers left to unveil this year and IF Blake gets one (we’re still at rumour stage right now), and Keira Knightley gets one (not confirmed but you’d think it’s a slamdunk for Never Let Me Go), that leaves only 2 for Victoria Beckham. Another year might just slip away.

Attached – Blake and Leighton shooting Gossip Girl yesterday.

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