I know this is an exciting headline for many of you. But I disagree. These two together are Good for Gossip. They’ve been the best part of Gossip this summer. The end for them is no benefit to any of us. Besides, and here’s where I come in again with my boner killing, we are way, way, way too premature for this one.

There’s a story circulating that Leonardo DiCaprio has dumped Blake Lively because his mother hates her. Supposedly they met and Mother Leo thought that Blake was self-absorbed and since then Leo’s lost interest. Conveniently Leo D and his ma were in Italy last week for Ryan Kavanaugh’s wedding. Which is usually the easiest way to make up a story if you’re Now Magazine.


The origin of the report is Now Magazine out of the UK. Now Magazine, errrrrm, is not exactly the gold star of reliability. In fact, it might actually be less reliable than the The Sun. Which... I mean that should be the end of this conversation. Please.

Here’s Blake on the set of Gossip Girl in New York yesterday. Do you think she’s embarrassed about her job when she’s around Leo and all his so-called important movie friends? On the one hand, he’s playing J Edgar Hoover and there she is shooting yet another ball scene in yet another ball gown on the Upper East Side. Is that any less cerebral that the occupation of his past girlfriends Gisele and Bar? Of course not. But you have to remember, in Blake’s mind, she is not simply a great pair of legs, she is a proper Actress, she is more than “just a model”. In Blake’s mind, professional at least, she believes she is Leo’s peer.


You laughed!

Because these two together, they are GREAT for Gossip!

Photos from Flynetonline.com