Ryan Reynolds hit up Letterman last night. Looking good. And trim. And not wearing a cardigan – approve. I was complaining about this at the MTV Movie Awards. Also, why are men allowed to get away with beat up shoes and nice clothes? Or is that just famous men?

Today Ryan was photographed again leaving his hotel in a waistcoat and really nice forearms with grey pants worn well. He is in town of course (and Blake Lively too) for a last big publicity push for the Green Lantern opening this weekend. There’s a screening tonight for it in Vancouver which I was supposed to go to, only there’s a hockey game that’s cockblocked my schedule. And I did want to see it. And I DO really, really want it to be good.

The reviews so far though...

Still, reviews don’t matter to the studio. It’s the money that matters to the studio. And it’s not like movies have to be well reviewed to do well at the box office.

Enough with the work talk...

Not when there was a cosy little dinner for 3. Page Six reports that last night Ryan was out with Blake and Leo which... I mean... that’s f-cking amazing.

Does Leo know that Blake very much enjoyed her time with Ryan when they were filming Lantern together? She took him to a cooking class, did I ever tell you that? Fried green tomatoes or something. I’m told nothing ever went down, but I’m also told Blake wouldn’t have minded if it did either. If you want to believe the other side of that version of events, be my guest.

In the end, she landed another prize. And, you know, we’ve been talking about her Game a lot lately. About this Game of hers that has suddenly emerged. You’d have to have some, right?, if you’re holding down Leo D the way she’s been holding that down?

And now this?

A 3 person dinner with her sandwiched in the middle playing one off the other and drawing Leo in even closer? Not to mention, all three are stars of Warner Bros so the studios getting all kinds of friendly press?

Remember when she was boring? Remember when Leo was boring? And now they’re my, our, favourite subject? They made each other NOT boring. This, see?, is Good for Gossip.

Photos from Wenn.com and INF