A reader just wrote to tell me that Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively had dinner last night with some people at The Lion in NYC. She said that they ended up leaving together. I can’t... process this right now. Let’s just assume they were sharing a cab. Although the prospect of the two of them hooking up? It’s GREAT for gossip. And aesthetically, she is totally his type.

There is of course the professional angle to consider.

As you know, Leo has read for Baz Luhrmann’s potential adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Apparently, should he choose to go ahead, Leo and Tobey are his choices for Jay and Nick. It’s Daisy who’s been the big question mark. We had quite a discussion about it yesterday on the liveblog. Sarah also declared that F Scott Fitzgerald is overrated. I wanted to throttle her for this. Tender is the Night!

Anyway, Who Is Daisy became the great debate.

And now that Blake joined Leo, who met with Luhrmann the other day to discuss the project, could she have possibly won the role? I need to lie down.

Thanks C!

Photos from Wenn.com