Another month!

We have to wait almost another month!

Turns out Blake Lively’s Martha Stewart Wedding won’t be on newsstands until December 24th which ... might make your family more tolerable during the holidays? No doubt the magazine will release a few select images, including the cover I imagine, in advance of the release but the opportunity to flip through the entire spread, and we will do this, meticulously right?, will not happen until Christmas Eve. The worst part, for me at least, is that we’re leaving for Tofino on December 19th and spending the entire holiday break there. I love Tofino but... it’s a tiny tiny place on the corner of an island not known for its magazine delivery schedule. It’s a two hour drive to get to a town that might get a shipment of Martha Stewart Weddings, maybe, by December 27th. And I don’t want to spoil it by looking online. Some pages you have to see in person. There’s no joy in looking at a scan on the internet. So... I might not be seeing Blake’s wedding until, f-ck, January 2nd when we come home. Don’t tell me anything!

Anyway, here’s Ryan Reynolds - is it easy to forget he was part of the wedding? - shooting RIPD in LA yesterday with Jeff Bridges and Mary Louise Parker. The movie opens June 27th. MLP is freaking me out in her Mary Catherine Gallagher.

And still Blake remains undercover. I would advise the same. Don’t let them see you until they see you on the cover, as a bride, just in time for Christmas.