Remember a couple of weeks ago Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling were spotted at Disneyland together and refused to have their pictures taken at the same time and we were all like, Bitch get your tits off my quiver!?!

How did she deal with the backlash? Well her publicist went to GossipCop and told them that Blake and Penn Badgley were “very much” still girlfriend/boyfriend.

Oh really?

They’ve now confirmed their split. Their rep has confirmed the split. And apparently it’s been over for a while now. Which means many things but mostly that....

Publicists LIE.

It’s one of the enduring themes of my blog.

It also means, obviously, that Blake was very probably single when she and Gosling hit up the Mickey Mouse. Like I keep telling you, this girl is lookin’ for an upgrade. This girl is WAY beyond Penn Badgley now.

And there are so many options. In addition to Ryan Gosling, there’s also Jake Gyllenhaal. Sure, sure, he’s tied up temporarily with Taylor Swift. But aesthetically? In terms of a straight up, horny ass looking couple? Blake and Jake, too twee to be true right now, but I’m telling you, she is considering every single option.

Stop yelling at me, please.

I want you to consider the side benefits of this kind of smut. Blake breaks up Jakey and Swifty. Swifty vs Blake. Jakey in the middle. There’s a throwdown at the Golden Globes. More songs, more songs, more songs.

Please. It’s what we live for.

Attached – Blake and Penn on the Gossip Girl set last week hugging awkwardly like just friends.

Photos from Jackson Lee/