Gossip Girl cuties, from script to real life – Blake Lively and Penn Badgley showed up at Chanel’s Nuit de Diamants in New York last night, and I have no idea why she decided to look like a 50 year old. That dress, the hair… it’s atrocious. Sigh. Am disappointed. She’s my girl.

As for Blake’s love life – rumours have been swirling for weeks that she and Penn are dating, though both have tried half heartedly to deny it. My sources say they’ve now given up and have slowly been confirming their relationship to colleagues first. Especially show producers as they were worried that their producers would be worried about how an onset romance would affect the production. And though there were some concerns, especially if and when things don’t work out, for the most part, everyone is delighted.

Now if only Chace and Leighton would get together too… He’s too good for that snippy bitch Carrie Underwood, don’t you think?

Photos from Wenn.com