As I reported earlier this week -- click here for a refresher -- the Blake Lively Martha Stewart Weddings issue won’t be out until December 24th. Leading up to the release, Blake has kept a very, very low profile, astutely keeping us hungry. These are the first pap shots of her in weeks, taken at LAX as she and Ryan Reynolds took off for London last night. Word is the magazine will be releasing teases in the next couple of weeks to build anticipation for Blake’s spread. You know what I would do if I could script gossip? I’d have GOOP judging Blake’s Martha Wedding.

Anyway, Blake’s been free since Gossip Girl wrapped forever and apparently hasn’t been actively looking for new work either. Those ambitions, in fact, appear to be paused. Because a job is a just purgatory until a woman finds a husband? It’s quite a contrast in wives where Ryan Reynolds is concerned. His first wife was restless and ambitious. His second wife is just as ambitious, though remarkably much more patient, and cleverly nuanced about it. At just 25 though, Blake’s too young and too good at the fame game to retire into domesticity. She’ll be awesome at pimping out her pregnancy and her baby. And naming that child will be the most fun we’ll ever have. There may quickly follow another one. And then...I think she might be bored. And she’ll only be 30. So much possibility.