Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were spotted in Connecticut last week. Click here if you missed that post. Now Us Weekly is reporting that they’ve visited there so many times because they’re looking for real estate. Blake and Ryan supposedly want to buy a house. Right now they’re living together in her apartment in New York. They apparently want a home away from the city with their dogs, where she can bake - as she loves to do - and he can work on the fence, mow the lawn, clean the pool, and put a few steaks on the grill... you know, things people do in the suburbs on the weekend. Like have babies.


Not even a year ago she was laughing on a yacht with Leonardo DiCaprio in Cannes and travelling around Europe with him. Looking back now, what’s amazing is the realisation that Leo D was her back-up, a dude to kill time with while she was waiting for the main prize to come around. Leo D was a plan B!

Oh my God I never thought I’d love this girl so much.

You know I’ve been hearing that ever since she hooked up for solid with Ryan Reynolds, she hasn’t been as desperate for film roles anymore? Jessica Biel throws herself at every script. I’m told Blake has backed off. What happens if she really is as strong as they’re selling her to be in Savages and suddenly the movie people want her all over again? Ryan already had to deal with that when he was married to Scarlett Johansson. Some believe Blake would actually make the family choice.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk after Savages if Aaron Johnson is as hot through the entire film as he is in the trailer.