Hats, Picnics, and Ice Cream

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 12, 2012 21:24:11 March 12, 2012 21:24:11

Oh but how twee...

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, having not been photographed together in over 6 weeks, went for ice cream in LA yesterday before heading out on a picnic.

Jesus these two are photogenic together, aren’t they? It would have been so wasted if the cameras weren’t around.

Safe House is on track to go over $200 million worldwide. It’s considered a win, both for Denzel Washington and especially for Reynolds who took a hit in 2011 with Green Lantern and The Change-up. Now he has over a year to go before R.I.P.D. (with Jeff Bridges) opens next summer, a film the geek boys are already pretty excited about. Beyond that...there’s nothing immediate on his schedule. A few projects he’s committed to still don’t have start dates and confirmed casting. Which means a lot of free time to be with his girl, ensconced in her apartment in New York, and minibreaks every other weekend around the USA. Summer in Europe or African Safari?

It’ll have to be in between promotion for Savages. The film is due out July 6th and as mentioned last week, they say Blake is really strong, especially in the third act. How much of that is the work of her PR remains to be seen, but, you know, I wonder if Scarjo isn’t hoping desperately that she has more than 3 lines in The Avengers. If you’re editing that movie though, and you have to decide, do you keep an extra quip or two from RDJ, or do you give Scarlett Johansson an extra 15 seconds? Is what I’m saying...


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