Far away from NY Fashion Week and award season, we find newlyweds Blake Lively and Reynolds in Sudbury, Ontario, a few hours’ drive north of Toronto where it’s currently -12˚C with the windchill. That’s 10˚F for you Americans. The other day it was -20˚C and -4˚F! Reynolds is there shooting Atom Egoyan’s Queen Of The Night. They brought their dogs with them too. As a dog owner, if you travel with the dogs, you expect to stick around. Mrs Reynolds will not be flying out every two or three days back to New York.

Instead, as Sudbury local Lisa L told me, Blake hit up the “dirt mall” in town and bought her husband a new pair of swim trunks at Sport Chek. Over the weekend they went for lunch at the Artisan Bakery and then hit up a movie -- Identity Thief, starring Reynolds’s friend Jason Bateman.

As you know, since they married, Blake and Ryan have kept it pretty low. Very few staged pap shots, to say nothing of that underwhelming, faceless, dress-less wedding spread in Martha Stewart’s magazine, meant to throw shade at every other celebrity wedding feature like -- here’s how you do it classy, courtesy of Blake Lively.


The one who never, ever told the paps where to find her in out-of-the-way Utah, kissing romantically while advertising her sister’s bed and breakfast??? Click here for a refresher. That girl got her ring and changed her hustle. Now that she’s a wife, the old playbook isn’t seemly anymore. Blake hasn’t worked since Gossip Girl wrapped in the fall. Word is, she’s not trying to either. That was the first wife’s attitude and look what happened there.  

So they’re in Sudbury. It’s cold and it’s quaint. What’s there to do? Let’s check back on this in 9 months...

Also attached -- Reynolds’s co-star Scott Speedman on set.