While everyone else in Hollywood was in LA for the Oscars attending pre-parties, making deals, hooking up, and kissing Harvey Weinstein’s ass, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds stayed back in small town Sudbury, Ontario, where he’s shooting Queen Of The Night, and visited patients in the pediatric unit at Health Sciences North Hospital instead.

As you know, these two have been low key for months, particularly Blake, staying away from fashion and industry events, seemingly as far from Hollywood as much as possible, a newlywed style very different from that of the Timberlakes. Again, Blake hasn’t worked in months, and doesn’t seem to be interested in pursuing any new projects, content perhaps to enjoy her first year of marriage.

But it wouldn’t have been like this in an alternate Hollywood Sliding Doors universe. Remember, Blake was Steven Soderbergh’s original first choice in Side Effects until Megan Ellison came along and pushed her out, making way for Rooney Mara. Blake would have had to be much more visible during promotion for the film which opened recently. Which means being available for press. And questions about her wedding/marriage.

Instead, apart from a maddeningly underwhelming feature in Martha Stewart’s magazine, Blake’s first months as Mrs Reynolds have been very, very undercover as she continues to rewrite her own reputation -- The Private Life Of Blake Lively.

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Thanks Kevin!