They were in New Orleans this weekend.

Amazingly, a photographer managed to find them. This time though, not with StarTraks agency but that doesn’t change the fact that Ryan Reynolds, in his short time with Blake Lively, has been papped more than he ever was en couple than when he was married to Scarlett Johansson.

No coincidence, ONLY conspiracy.

As for the location - New Orleans of course is where Blake and Ryan met on the set of The Green Lantern. They were NOT together that way during filming. He was committed and loyal to Scarlett at the time. And Scarlett was territorial on occasion. She had reason to be. Because it’s not like Blake wasn’t ... friendly. Somehow she talked him into taking a fried green tomatoes cooking lesson with her.

Still, it wasn’t until after Charlize Theron and during Leonardo DiCaprio that Ryan finally came around. And appears to have modified his personality with respect to public vs private relationships, documented at a bed and breakfast in a small town in Utah. Click here to revisit those photos.

What did they do in New Orleans this time around?

It was a proper mini-break with a trip to Creole Creamery on Friday night around 8pm where a reader called PW - thanks PW! - saw them “making out”. Promotion for Ryan’s upcoming movie Safe House with Denzel Washington beings soon. Or already, depending how you look at it.