Jacek and I spent a wonderful pre-Christmas in New York two years ago. (Hi Scott!) It was his first time. We went to Bubby’s for breakfast. We walked the High Line. We lined up at the Empire State Building. We saw Cate Blanchett at BAM in A Streetcar Named Desire followed by a late, late dinner at Babbo. We watched people skating at the Wollman Rink. He went shopping at a discount store for Under Armour (!!!) clothing. We played lame tourists by the tree at Rockefeller Centre. The lights were magnificent. And then it snowed. Big fat snowflakes. It was perfect. The snow kept us in New York an extra day. I love New York right now, in the 10 days or so preceding Christmas. Which is where we find Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds for a weekend of romance.  

According to PEOPLE.com, naturally, Blake and Ryan had a breakfast double date with her sister Robyn and her husband - they own that Bed and Breakfast where those “candids” were taken last week, remember? No? Click here - and there were also a few coffee outings too and each time the couple was sighted, eyewitnesses also report that the two, of course, were “cuddly and giggly and gorgeous” and Ryan almost proposed. That last part is a slight exaggeration on my part but you get where I’m going.

Are there pictures?


Would Blake ever do you like that?

Here they are, photographed in the same frame for the first time in New York together since hooking up for real. And guess what photo agency? Yes, that’s right. It’s StarTraks. The same agency that shot them at that very out of the way place in Utah - click here to see - because their paps just, you know, happened to be hanging out in Midway.

By the way, here’s an email I received from Jessica B who lives in Utah about the location of that B&B:

“Midway!?! That's a half hour from Park City, and you can't speed the whole way there because you have to drive through residential areas in Heber and Midway to get there. The only skiing in the immediate area (in Midway) is Soldier Hollow, and they're a Nordic/cross-country resort. I don't even think they're open yet 'cause I doubt there's enough snow. Like, if they wanted to downhill ski, they'd have to drive back up the highway towards Park City to The Canyons or Deer Valley.”

Isn’t it AMAZING that the StarTraks shooters were just coincidentally holidaying there at exactly the same time as Blake and Ryan AND, among all the pap agencies in New York, also just happened to catch them walking back from coffee the other day?

First Leo in Verona, now Ryan all over...

What are Blake Lively’s powers of persuasion?

PS. As you know, Scarlett is in New York right now too. You know what would be the ULTIMATE play? If Blake was able to, you know, arrange for photos of the three of them together on a friendly. If she can pull that off? OMG. I can’t even...  

(Thanks Jessica! By the way, it looks like I’ll be back for Sundance! See you then?)