This week’s Gossip Girl was all about Chuck. Love Chuck. Chuck is so deliciously depraved – that scene with Blair up on stage, the two of them locking eyes as if trapped in their own private moment … the hotness! – and then so surprisingly sweet, asking her if she was “sure” before mauling each other in the back of the limo… enough with Chace Crawford, you know? Ed Westwick is where it’s at!

And my new favourite Blake Lively too. The name alone puts her above. Because among all the little ones running around these days, the High School Musical crew and the obsequious Hayden Pannetiere, it is Blake Lively that stands out as the New It Cool.

Look at her. Last night at the Wintuk Cirque du Soleil premiere at MSG - so casual, so stylish in an oversized sweater and jeans and high high heels and the Stella Bag with the polar bears… Blake Lively is perfection. Without trying too hard.

Love, love, love.

photos from Splash