It’s Milan Fashion Week. The Gucci show happened today. Images from the runway will be posted to LifeStyle when they’re made available. Right now though we’re looking at the front row. Because Blake Lively, who stayed away from NY Fashion Week, showed up for her brand and was seated next to Anna Wintour, one of her biggest fans. Anna declared that Blake, who famously has no stylist, was important to fashion, and so she’s pretty much the only CW star who’s been elevated beyond. That’s probably why Blake’s migration from Chanel to Gucci went so smoothly. And quickly. It was just in 2011 that she was selling Chanel bags. A year later, she was signed to Gucci.

Blake and Ryan Reynolds just celebrated their one year anniversary on September 9. According to PEOPLE they were in the South which is where they were married. Those who spied on them went on about how low-key they are because they waited in line and shared a table with other people and how handsome he is.

Meanwhile, Blake was not cast in Gone Girl as Andie opposite Ben Affleck.